Device for fractional renewal of the skin

Technologies don’t stand still, and we try to keep up with them. Our masters have already mastered one of the most progressive anti-aging techniques - fractional photothermolysis, and now they will put it into practice. This spring, a carbon dioxide laser for fractional photothermolysis appeared in the cosmetology office.

The device opens up new possibilities for correcting age-related skin changes. It eliminates aesthetic imperfections even at high degrees.

Aspects of fractional photothermolysis

Carbon dioxide laser energy provides a rejuvenating effect - it stimulates the active production of collagen fibers in the skin. The action of the procedure is based on the property of the skin to produce fresh fibers instead of destroyed ones. The laser "bombards" the skin with micro-impulses that affect the collagen framework. Old stretched fibers are destroyed. Instead, fibroblasts synthesize new ones more closely. Loose skin is replaced by a new one with wrinkles and age spots - smooth and firm.

The laser system generates radiation with a wavelength of 10 600 nm. This is sufficient for complete evaporation of collagen in the treated areas, and the surrounding tissue remains intact. The laser acts on the skin according to the principle of the sieve, alternating the areas of pulse treatment with non-contact areas. Thus, the load on the tissues is reduced, and the cosmetological effect remains the same. During skin regeneration, fibroblasts in intact areas are also included in the work. The procedure takes place under local anesthesia.

Indications for fractional photothermolysis

The laser system eliminates any aesthetic defects on skin, including post-traumatic defects:

  • Wrinkles of any severity. The technology is ideal for rejuvenating the most sensitive area of the face - the area around the eyes.
  • Loss of tone. After fractional photothermolysis, flabby areas are tightened, the skin becomes denser and more elastic.
  • Preliminary stretch marks on the abdomen, thighs and chest (striae). Photothermolysis helps to get the skin in order quickly after childbirth.
  • Scars and scars left in place of acne and pustules (post-acne).
  • Benign neoplasms (warts, peat).
  • Pigment spots in any area.
fractional regeneration removes the main aesthetic defects of the person

The laser is equipped with a smart scanner that changes the length of the beams and the distance between the pulse points depending on the treatment area. Thus, full control of the photothermalization process is achieved. Repeated exposure to the same areas within the same procedure is excluded.

In the hands of experienced professionals, the laser turns into an ideal tool for rejuvenation. It makes me happy to watch your skin get better day by day. Sign up for a fractional photothermolysis procedure with cosmetologists.