Non-surgical facelift techniques. Facial plastic

facial skin tightening procedure

Unfortunately, old age and its negative manifestations are inevitable. We notice the first signs on the face in the form of small wrinkles, after which they deepen, the skin color changes, puffiness becomes visible, and a clear outline is lost.

Since the physiological process of skin aging has been studied extensively, its features are taken into account in the creation of non-surgical methods of resurfacing.

By the age of 25-30, the skin begins to deteriorate, as a result of the loss of elasticity it begins to gradually sag. To delay this moment, lifting procedures are required. At home, they are also feasible, the main thing is to complete them regularly, otherwise there will be no result.

It's a well - known fact: the sooner you start taking care of the health of your skin, the longer you will enjoy its youth and beauty.

Symptoms and causes of the aging process of your facial skin

The skin is composed of several layers. The upper one is a natural barrier that does not allow bacteria and microbes to enter the dermis, greatly reducing the magnitude of the negative effects of ultraviolet rays, low quality water, and extreme temperature extremes. In addition, the epidermis does not allow moisture to evaporate from the skin layers. The important substances collagen and elastin are synthesized into fibroblasts, which maintain the firmness and elasticity of the skin.

With age, in the processes of division, cell regeneration, failures appear, causing the thickness of the epidermis to decrease. As a result, the reliability of skin protection decreases, moisture evaporation accelerates, and the dermis becomes dry. The production of elastin and collagen slows down, the skin loses its elasticity.

massage to tighten and rejuvenate the skin

As a result, mimic wrinkles appear, which in turn turn into deep folds. Skin tone changes, and thinning of the barrier layer can cause the appearance of rosacea - spider veins. The oval line of the face changes as a result of disorders of fat metabolism, the second chin appears to be.

Plastic surgery clinics offer many ways to say goodbye to these changes, but not everyone can decide on such tough changes.

Recently, non-surgical facelift, which allows you to regain lost beauty without a scalpel, is becoming more and more popular.

There are two types of such procedures:

  • treatment of problem areas with special equipment.
  • introduce special formulations under the skin.

Facelift with injections

Facial rejuvenation with injections involves the introduction of a special therapeutic cocktail into the dermal layer. As a result, the skin gets the nutrients it needs and acts to stop processes during natural aging.

Mesotherapy is now one of the most prevalent methods in beauty salons. Experts recommend this procedure for women over the age of 40 who have developed skin weaknesses, static wrinkles and manifestations. After examining and studying the skin condition, cocktails, based on hyaluronic acid, are selected. This substance is essential for moisturizing the skin and preventing moisture evaporation. Hyaluronic acid is produced in the human body, but this process slows down with age.

Unlike a traditional mask, when little nutrients enter the deep layer of the dermis, their introduction under the skin provides the right effect. In the layers of the skin, the movement of blood and lymph flow is accelerated, the process of cell regeneration and collagen production is stimulated. As a result, wrinkles are made makeup, the skin gets an even beautiful color, it becomes more and more elastic.

Another effective way to rejuvenate your face is to use special threads. Cosmetologists say that after such a procedure, a woman looks 10 years younger than her age. The strands stretch under the skin, form microscopic tubers at certain distances, are able to group, move, and fix the skin tissues in the desired position. As a result, deep nasolabial folds disappear, the corners of the lips are corrected, sagging skin is tightened, and scars disappear.

Botox is a pioneer in plastic-free facial rejuvenation. This drug has been used in cosmetology for over 20 years. The principle of the method is that botox, injected into the skin, temporarily paralyzes the facial muscles, and their movement results in the formation of wrinkles. Botox is absorbed naturally over time, and wrinkles do not appear on the skin which has time to "remember" the correct location.

Recently, experts are resorting to a new method called plasmolifting. Prior to the procedure, blood is taken from the patient, which, after processing in a special centrifuge, is divided into several components. It is applied to the skin where all the active substances are concentrated. Because its own biological material is used, there are no rejections, allergic reactions.

After plasmolifting, natural processes of cell regeneration, collagen synthesis, hyaluronic acid are activated in the layers of the skin, resulting in rejuvenation of the dermis, positive changes in structure.

All of these methods can be combined with plastic surgery, which in this case can be less traumatic.

Renewal using special equipment

the girl examines the face before tightening the skin

Currently, facelift is performed without surgery with the help of special equipment.

One of the most effective and harmless ways to refresh is to increase radio frequency. A special device generates a radio wave of a certain frequency, with which problem areas are processed. The impact covers the deep layers of the skin, where collagen is produced.

The synthesis of this important substance is accelerated. After the procedure, the effect gradually increases, resulting in a natural rejuvenation of the skin. Human contours become clearer, eyes tighten, wrinkles disappear, bags disappear under the eyes.

Photorejuvenation and ultrasonic raising have similar efficacy.

High positive rates can be achieved through non-surgical facial plastic surgery using laser equipment. The laser beam penetrates into the deep layers of the skin, allowing high-quality effective peeling, accelerates the natural processes necessary for human rejuvenation.

The effect of the laser not only improves blood and lymph flow, stimulates collagen synthesis, but also treats any inflammatory skin diseases due to its disinfecting properties.

Because non-surgical regenerative methods are so diverse, a specialist can select the most appropriate rejuvenation methods for each patient, so maintaining beauty for many years is not a problem.