Cosmetic procedures for facial rejuvenation

skin rejuvenation procedure

Currently, clinics offer a wide range of cosmetic procedures for facial rejuvenation. Each has its own specific features, advantages and disadvantages. However, experts identify a number of techniques that are considered to be more effective and popular with patients.

Salon procedures will stop the aging process, launch natural skin rejuvenation mechanisms, and allow you to stay young for a long time.

Only an experienced cosmetologist will recommend a suitable procedure, it can be a well-known hardware procedure or an exclusive technique.

To achieve a lasting anti-aging effect in the arsenal of specialists, hardware cosmetology has been proven over the years, effective and affordable. Choose the best option for your skin, and she will thank you!

The most effective facial rejuvenation treatments

Cosmetologists identify some of the most effective facial rejuvenation procedures, which are considered the most effective and designed for different age groups.


This is a technique, which results in the removal of dead cells of the epidermis, which contributes to the activation of regenerative and regenerative processes. As a result, the skin is smoothed, leveled, its firmness and elasticity increase.

It is recommended to start correcting age-related changes in the face with non-surgical procedures - injections, peeling, hardware techniques.

In the absence of the desired effect, you can resort to minimally invasive surgical interventions.

It is best to resort to a full operation to tighten the facial contour except in difficult cases due to a long recovery period.


The mechanism of this effect is based on the formation of controlled burns resulting from the use of synthesized or natural acids. This helps activate cell regeneration, enhance the production of elastin and collagen fibers, as well as improve blood flow and enrich tissues with oxygen.

The fight against age - related changes in the face is one of the main areas of cosmetology.

All the methods developed for this can be combined into several groups: trimming, hardware procedures (photosynthesis, bioremediation, ozone therapy, radiofrequency elevation), injection of bioactive substances, massage and myostimulation.

In parallel, the open pores are cleansed and tightened, skin relief and tone is leveled, and wrinkles are reduced.

Depending on the severity of the age-related changes, superficial, middle or deep chemical peeling can be used.


It is prescribed for oily skin types and is considered a superficial procedure. Thanks to the components that make up the composition, you can get rid of problems like pigmentation, inflammation, acne effects, enlarged pores, mimic and medium sized wrinkles.

The basis of these peelings is hyaluronic and salicylic acid, vitamin cocktails, plant extracts, natural hormones, zinc-containing compounds.

To get the desired effect, it is recommended to do the whole course, consisting of 7-10 procedures.


To remove dead tissue, diamond crystals of the appropriate cut are used. This allows to perform a vacuum massage at the same time. As a result, the skin is thoroughly cleansed, and intensive rejuvenation processes are activated.

Depending on the skin type, one of the 10 available attachments can be used, each with a specific particle size.

When the skin is completely healed, results such as tightening, smoothing of relief and smoothing of wrinkles are noticed.

Hardware procedures

These are cosmetic manipulations performed with special devices.


The skin is exposed to pulses of light that penetrate the deep layers of the dermis. As a result, natural processes of collagen production are stimulated, which prevent and stop the appearance of signs of future age-related changes. Wrinkles are smoothed out, complexion is enhanced.

In addition, photorejuvenation allows you to get rid of such disadvantages as acne and pronounced capillary network.


This is another type of hardware procedure for facial rejuvenation by beauty. For exacerbation, hyaluronic acid, which is supplied to the dermal layers using injections or exposure to special equipment, is used.

The most popular are minimally invasive methods - iontophoresis, magnetophoresis, cryo- and laser therapy, as well as oxygen use.

Ozone therapy

This type of cosmetic manipulation provides the dermis with an oxygen-ozone mixture, which is injected with the help of injections. As a result, blood circulation improves, metabolism accelerates at the cellular level, and its own collagen and elastin begin to produce.

After such a procedure, the muscular frame is strengthened, smoothed wrinkles, elasticity and a healthy skin tone are restored.

Raised RF

This procedure is allowed after 25 years. However, the best age is 35-55 years. The problem areas are affected by radio waves, which provide thermal energy to the muscles and soft tissues as they pass through the outer layers. When heated, the dermal layers begin to shrink, initiating the production of collagen fibers.

Thanks to this technique, an improvement in skin tone, the elimination of mimic wrinkles, and evening contouring are noticed. The main advantages of the method are its safety, painlessness and lack of inflammatory processes.


Popular and effective methods of human cosmetic rejuvenation also include injection therapy. This can introduce active substances and vitamin cocktails, botulinum toxin, fillers, stem cells or special strands in the layers of the skin.

The result of such manipulations is quickly achieved. The procedure is not usually accompanied by severe pain, however, with low pain threshold or sensitive skin type, anesthesia may be used.

LPG massage

The skin is affected by a special device that performs vacuum-pinch movements. In terms of the execution technique, such manipulation is similar to a hand massage, but the effect of the first one will be significantly higher.

It is prescribed to remove wrinkles, flews, double chin, to provide lifting in the area around the eyes, as well as to restore a clear oval back on the face.

If you do not neglect supportive therapy, then the result obtained lasts for six months.


The method is based on the action of electric current, which contributes to muscle contraction. As a result, blood circulation is increased, metabolic processes are normalized, skin tone is increased, and wrinkles are eliminated.

To get the maximum result, a course of 10-15 procedures is prescribed. Positive changes will be noticed after the 4th session.

Myostimulation is indicated for women after 45 years. However, according to certain indications, it can be done at an earlier age.

Which of the best cosmetic rejuvenation procedures to choose, only a specialist will tell you. At the same time, it always takes into account the severity of the problems associated with changes in age, age of the patient, characteristics of the organism and the desired outcome. In addition, when choosing a technique, you should always take into account its positive and negative aspects, as well as the presence of contraindications and side effects. To avoid complications, it is recommended to apply only to proven clinics where experienced cosmetologists work, as well as to follow all prescriptions in the post-procedure period.